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Association of Commerce Gift Certificates

A great way to reward outstanding employees, give safety awards, honor an employee of the month, recognize your favorite coach or shop for that hard-to-please family member. The Association of Commerce gift certificate is available in any amount over $5 and can be redeemed at any of nearly 900 AC members.

More than 20,000 gift certificates are sold annually. Contact the Association of Commerce to order your Gift Certificates today! (All orders via the website will be confirmed via telephone by our staff.) Ample notice on large orders is appreciated. 

Order online now!

Fond du Lac Profile Book

Through a combination of dramatic photography and informative editorial, this glossy, multi-color book provides an overview of the Fond du Lac area as a great place to conduct business, shop, live and enjoy the good life. This book will assist any new business or resident in obtaining valuable information on what types of businesses are located in the Fond du Lac area, the history of the county, as well as transportation, civic, government and Association of Commerce interests. All members of the Association of Commerce are listed, and a "buyers guide" is conveniently located in the back of the profile book.

Relocation Packet

$11 to mail
$6 if picked up

Includes school information, community directory, statistical information, apartment listing, church listing, tour guide, real estate and financial institutions, calendar of events, FDL City map, listing of homes for sale and the Fond du Lac Profile Book.


BidRx is an electronic marketplace, found at, where consumers and their physicians can find local and U.S. mail order pharmacies and drug manufacturers that are willing to compete for their prescription business. Through this competition employers and their employees can realize savings of 50 percent or more on prescription drug costs.

Because the Fond du Lac Association of Commerce is working with BidRx your administrative cost will be $2.50 per member per month.

I have an existing health insurance plan with a prescription drug benefit. Can we still utilize BidRx?

Yes, absolutely. You should put BidRx into place along side your existing prescription drug benefit. Offer your employees a BidRx card so they can access BidRx, benefit from the information presented about similar drug products and prices, talk to their doctor about available options, and order their prescriptions via BidRx when the pricing is less than their current co-payment. Later, when your plan renewal date approaches you can evaluate savings through and consider a complete replacement of your prescription drug benefit with BidRx. BidRx is a welcome change from existing drug benefit programs that raise prices and premiums year after year. Act now and implement BidRx! To understand more, go to the How it works link at

How does BidRx benefit me as an employer?

  • Reduced prescription drug costs of 50 percent to 85 percent for you and your employees
  • Lower drug costs can translate into lower health insurance premiums by 15 percent to 40 percent or lower prescription benefit costs of 50 percent to 85 percent for self-insured employers
  • Improved employee satisfaction from a tool that helps lower prescription drug costs often below the co-payment of their current benefit
  • Administrative costs are waived through the chambers early adopter program
  • New benefit designs are available that better align employees and employers interests on prescription drug costs

How can I make BidRx available to my employees?

Call (920) 230-6200.

Wage & Benefit Survey

$50 members
$150 non-members

Updated each year. Contains information on number of employees, vacation and holiday policies, insurance, wages, retirement and other valuable information.

Organizational Listing

Free upon request. Booklet of all organizations: civic (i.e. Boy Scouts), service (i.e. Lions) and professional (i.e. Board of Realtors).

Download the Organziational Listing PDF

Fond du Lac City Map

One side shows the city of Fond du Lac and Village of North Fond du Lac, the other Fond du Lac County. No charge if picked up at office.

Fond du Lac County Statistical Profile

A 3-fold brochure which gives a quick, yet thorough look at Fond du Lac County. Statistical data included are population characteristics, employment distribution, utility and communication suppliers, transportation networks, major area employers, economic indicators, taxes, government, education, major shopping facilities, medical facilities, housing costs and major recreational activities.

View Demographics Page

Industry - Construction - Supplier Directory

$6 members
$53 non-members

Annually updated with more than 200 manufacturers in the city of Fond du Lac and some surrounding communities with name, address, phone, FAX, products, contact names and number of employees. Financial institutions, utilities, government agencies and continuing education facilities also are included.

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